Kelsey & Jody|| Class of 2015 Senior Photos

I was introduced to Kelsey through Jody’s sister Jordan. Kelsey graduated from the Loewenberg School of Nursing (congrats!) and we shot some photos of her and her twin sister (they look scarily alike) at LeBonheur Children’s Medical Center, then hopped over to Overton Square before the sun set. Admirably enough, Kelsey’s twin sister, Kasey, is a paramedic. I was so blessed to take their pictures before Kelsey moved to Colorado! BozarthGrad (2)BozarthGrad (5)BozarthGrad (8)BozarthGrad (11)BozarthGrad (13)BozarthGrad (18)BozarthGrad (19)BozarthGrad (22)BozarthGrad (27)

As some of you know, Jody also graduated this year (with Kelsey!) with a double degree in computer and electrical engineering. We celebrated the occasion with a quick photo shoot, cap and gown included! Thankfully, the University of Memphis campus was pretty empty, and we were able to get some photos in without Jody getting too embarrassed.



Congrats, grads!