Stephanie + Anthony || Spring Creek Ranch Wedding

When Stephanie contacted us last year about her engagement, we were so excited for her! Stephanie’s mom and sister have been friends with my mom for years, and when they asked me to be their wedding photographer, we were honored to accept!

Stephanie and Anthony got married at the beautiful Spring Creek Ranch November 1, and we absolutely loved their wedding and family. Stephanie’s mom stayed up all night finishing the absolutely beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements (check out a picture of Stephanie’s bouquet below). It was also a personal occasion for Jody & I- my parents were guests at the wedding, and got to see how we work all night! Thank you so much for including us in your special day, Stephanie & Anthony, your love is beautiful.

Wickham (8)Wickham (14)Wickham (13)Wickham (12)
Dress by Low’s Bridal

Wickham (11)Getting Ready (2)Getting Ready (8)Getting Ready (9)Getting Ready (14)
Wickham (17)Wickham (20)Wickham (15)Wickham (19)Wickham (18)Wickham (21)Wickham (1)Wickham (2)Wickham (3)Wickham (4)Wickham (5)Wickham (6)Wickham (7)Wickham (22)Wickham (24)Wickham (23)Wickham (25)Wickham (26)Wickham (27)Wickham (28)
Wickham (30)Wickham (35)Wickham (10)Cake by Frost Bake ShopWickham (31)Wickham (33)Wickham (32)Wickham (37)Wickham (38)Wickham (39)Wickham (34)Wickham (36)Wickham (40)

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Spring Creek Ranch Weddings
Catering: Spring Creek Ranch
Dress: Low’s Bridal
Cakes: Frost Bake Shop