Melody + Taylor: An Annesdale Mansion Wedding

I feel like I’ve got a new, amazing friend in Melody. Remember their engagement photos? I met with her and Taylor for the first time after he proposed, and was just floored by how nice and sweet they were! I saw some of Melody’s calligraphy later on, and was absolutely OBSESSED. I begged her to open her own shop, as well as do some calligraphy for me, and now she’s absolutely KILLING it. I could not ask for better clients, seriously. I have loved absolutely moment of working with this couple, and cannot wait to continue this friendship (they both knew my boyfriend from way back when, and I’ve seen many great pictures thanks to Melody and Taylor!) Check out their AMAZING Annesdale mansion wedding below! Tartera (9)Tartera (40)Tartera (43)Tartera (53)Tartera (39)Tartera (17)Tartera (24)Tartera (20)Tartera (30)Tartera (6)Tartera (14)Tartera (15)Tartera (3)Tartera (1)Tartera (38)Tartera (60)Tartera (61)Tartera (67)Tartera (98)Tartera (99)Tartera (117)Tartera (131)Tartera (126)Tartera (142)Tartera (118)Tartera (101)Tartera (107)Tartera (137)Tartera (151)Tartera (167)Tartera (176)Tartera (181)Tartera (184)Tartera (77)Tartera (265)Tartera (189)Tartera (194)Tartera (199)Tartera (192)Tartera (201)Tartera (204)Tartera (209)Tartera (223)Tartera (242)Tartera (244)Tartera (289)Tartera (314)Tartera (317)Tartera (334)Tartera (348)Tartera (370)Tartera (376)Tartera (387)Tartera (46)Tartera (42)Tartera (425)Tartera (439)Tartera (404)Tartera (461)Tartera (469)Tartera (473)Tartera (410)Tartera (484)Tartera (535)Tartera (497)Tartera (551)Tartera (553)Tartera (557)Tartera (588)Tartera (600)Tartera (602)Ceremony/Reception Venue: Annesdale Mansion
Florist: Lynn Doyle 
Coordinator: Michael Doyle
Calligraphy: Tartera Sign & Design
Cake: Cakes by Carolyn
Dress: David’s Bridal
Suits: Jos. A Bank
DJ: Steinbrecher Communications
Caterer: Fascinating Catering
Hair Stylist: Sam Lowery at Lucky Roots Salon
Makeup Artist: Kasey Acuff
Videographer: Lynn Productions