Marla + Lanny: A Memphis Wedding at the Cadre Building

Marla & Lanny got married this past November at the Cadre Building in downtown Memphis. We met Lanny & Marla at a bridal show earlier in the year, and they are a great couple! Lanny loved meeting Jody– he said he was sold on us when I joked that I pay Jody to be my boyfriend!  I loved shooting their engagement photos this past spring, and couldn’t wait to see them again. The weather was absolutely beautiul (albeit a bit windy) and Marla’s dresses were absolutely FABULOUS (she looked like a real life princess.. just LOOK at that tulle stunner!) Here’s some photos from their amazing wedding! Vaulx (15)Vaulx (8)Vaulx (2)Vaulx (18)Vaulx (20)Vaulx (50)Vaulx (51)Vaulx (32)Vaulx (79)Vaulx (81)Vaulx (66)Vaulx (87)Vaulx (95)Vaulx (113)Vaulx (115)Vaulx (144)Vaulx (158)Vaulx (160)Vaulx (153)Vaulx (106)Vaulx (103)Vaulx (481)Vaulx (482)Vaulx (73)
Marla and Lanny wrote each other letters before the wedding to place in their wedding box during the ceremony (below)Vaulx (186)Vaulx (190)Vaulx (196)Vaulx (197)Vaulx (204)Vaulx (213)
How great is this idea– Marla and Lanny wrote each other letters and placed a bottle of wine in this wedding box, to open on their ten year anniversary to celebrate. LOVED this unique ceremony tradition!Vaulx (222)Vaulx (223)Vaulx (225)Vaulx (228)

Vaulx (126)Vaulx (258)Vaulx (260)Vaulx (262)Vaulx (274)Vaulx (30)Vaulx (283)Vaulx (300)Vaulx (82)Vaulx (41)
What a great idea to have a popcorn bar during cocktail hour! I tried them all and the blackberry was my FAVORITE.
Vaulx (101)Vaulx (58)Vaulx (393)Vaulx (306)Vaulx (318)Vaulx (330)Vaulx (349)Vaulx (281)Vaulx (55)Vaulx (12)Vaulx (369)Vaulx (380)Vaulx (382)Vaulx (59)Vaulx (394)Vaulx (286)Vaulx (404)Vaulx (405)
Marla’s sorority sisters spoiled her at the reception! Vaulx (436)Vaulx (445)Vaulx (452)Vaulx (460)
LOOK at this reception dress Marla wore– It sparkled and shimmered and was absolutely perfect for dancing! Vaulx (520)Vaulx (554)Vaulx (533)Vaulx (567)Vaulx (465)Vaulx (477)Vaulx (470)Vaulx (487)

Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Cadre Building
Coordinator: Angela Cooks with Uniquely Yours
Caterer: Me & My Tea Room
Cake: Cakes By Mom & Me
DJ: LeVelle Salter Sr.
Dress: Kenneth Winston from Low’s Bridal