Curtis + Meredith|| A Carahills I Memphis Wedding

Meredith & Curtis.. what can I say. I met Curtis while working with his sister at Knowledge Tree back in 2007: he had a truck with a train horn and a goofy smile. Flash forward a few years (still at Knowledge Tree), and Meredith, Curtis’s girlfriend, started working at Knowledge Tree with us! She was sassy, fun, and was determined to get me to try sushi (I did, and now I’m obsessed). When Meredith and Curtis got engaged, I was ecstatic. Meredith and I had talked weddings and boys (and loads of other things) at KT together, and now her fairy tale was FINALLY coming true! Our first meeting turned into two hours of coffee and catching up, and when she asked me to photograph her wedding, I about cried. Meredith’s wedding day was PERFECT. Perfect weather, perfect dress (I mean holy moly look at that bombshell) and I had to hold back tears… I had to stop because then Meredith started crying and her makeup was perfect. We managed to sneak the beautiful couple out for some more photos closer to sunset.. and it was SO worth it! Check out a few of their photos below while I continue to cry my eyes out in happiness. Robinson (8)Robinson (50)Robinson (10)Robinson (41)Robinson (44)Robinson (47)Robinson (24)Robinson (30)Robinson (56)Robinson (62)Robinson (68)Robinson (80)Robinson (87)Robinson (295)Robinson (92)Robinson (98)Robinson (106)Robinson (115)Robinson (118)Robinson (119)Robinson (126)Robinson (127)Robinson (110)Robinson (112)Robinson (121)Robinson (122)Robinson (123)Robinson (137)Robinson (144)Robinson (158)Robinson (237)Robinson (247)Robinson (255)Robinson (258)Robinson (268)Robinson (282)Robinson (296)Robinson (297)Robinson (12)Robinson (320)Robinson (326)Robinson (334)Robinson (207)Robinson (337)Robinson (349)Robinson (352)Robinson (364)Robinson (369)Robinson (373)Robinson (375)Robinson (378)Robinson (380)Robinson (384)Robinson (394)Robinson (410)Robinson (412)

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Carahills I
Catering, Florist, Cake: Carahills I
Dress: Ballew Bridal
DJ: John Wood
Hair/MUA: Loren at Richard & Co.