Devin Culpepper Art: Meet The Artist

There is a ton to say about Devin, and the amazing person that she is. Devin is my big sister in my sorority (University of Memphis Pi Phi), and one of my best friends. Being the art majors in our sorority, we bonded, and have been friends ever since. Let me just tell you how PROUD I am of Devin. We used to talk in college about being starving artists/baristas the rest of our lives, and Devin has definitely come so far from that. She is an amazing artist, as you may know from her pet portraits that are THE BOMB (I have two of my pup) and she is also commissioned for tons of window art (check out Rendezvous and Eclectic Eye for her handiwork), is featured in a Memphis gallery, and helps kids find their artistic talents at The Art Project in Midtown.

So it’s only fitting that the world see how great this artist is. Get a glimpse into her life below, as well as some cute pics of Todd and Lucy (cause come on now, pets are adorable and hers are totally photogenic). Congratulations to my big sister for being an amazing artist, friend, sister, and person. I cannot WAIT to see what you do next.

To check out her work and order some for yourself (and do it FAST because she books in advance), go to her website at