Marla + Lanny|| Memphis Botanic Gardens Engagement

Jody & I met Marla and Lanny at the Midsouth Wedding Show in April, and were absolutely drawn to their personalities– these two are just MEANT to be together. We were overjoyed to hear from them the following week, wanting to set up an appointment and book their wedding! Flash forward a few weeks, and we were taking their engagement photos at the beautiful Memphis Botanic Gardens. While it was a bit toasty outside, we had beautiful sunshine, and my goodness, this couple was great. I absolutely LOVED working with them for their engagement, and am counting down to their winter wedding— is it November yet?!2015-07-29_01122015-07-29_01192015-07-29_01182015-07-29_01202015-07-29_01132015-07-29_01142015-07-29_01152015-07-29_01162015-07-29_0117